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Working Remotely Made Easy with MyLitBag

What MyLitBag does is take the hassle out of remote work for attorneys. MyLitBag is a mobile app that allows attorneys to handle, review, and access digital PDF documents just as they would “hard copy” documents without having to print them. This IOS app makes it easier for lawyers to work remotely or work on the go by allowing them to have all their files with them at every moment. With MyLitBag you can simply log in with your credentials and then start working instantly.

No Desktop, No Problem

MyLitBag is a mobile app that removes the need for an office. Many companies at the start of the pandemic chose to continue their work completely remote. How can attorneys expect to lug countless documents, and cumbersome litigation binders from their office to their home? It just isn’t practical. MyLitBag can hold thousands of legal binders on one handheld device.

When traveling from client to client, there is no possible way to bring your desktop with you. It is also tough to bring all necessary documents, as well as binders without the potential of misplacing or forgetting items. MyLitBag takes all of these potential issues out of the equation.

Don’t Hit Print, Use MyLitBag

When going over cases and files many attorneys use hard copies to highlight, mark up, and take notes when necessary. Fortunately, the MyLitBag app allows you to do all of these tasks and more. With just your Ipad and the app you are able to:

  • Organize relevant documents in a virtual binder
  • switch from document to document using auto-numbered tabs at the bottom of the page
  • Add issue flags to any page in the binder to move to that page immediately
  • Embed “See” and “N.B.” references to move to or find significant references 
  • Highlight/ mark up document
  • Cross-reference definitions or prior documents
  • Easily move through documents

Better Security When Working Remotely

Post pandemic, many attorneys have transitioned their offices in the guest room or their kitchen table. When working with legal documents it is extremely important to keep all documents confidential and filed in a safe place. When working remotely it is easy for legal documents and papers to scour wherever your desk may look like that day. With MyLitBag, attorneys can avoid having confidential documents printed out and strewn around your home office or hotel room.

Every document and binder is individually password protected. Adding extra security for each case and client.

No Fax Machine?

When working remotely or on the go, sending documents can be a challenge, especially when there is no fax machine nearby. Luckily, MyLitBag has you covered. Documents, as well as full legal binders, can be sent from your IOS device at the push of a button.  Oftentimes, sending in documents can be time-sensitive, this is why using this app can save you time and money.

It can be expensive for attorneys to send entire binders, however, with MyLitBag there is no need to worry.

Take MyLitBag On the Go

Oftentimes, attorneys have to travel to their clients. Whether that be by plane, car or train. When this is the case, they will have to bring every document and binder they need for the next case with them on the go. High-profile cases have thousands of documents and binders.

With MyLitBag, all of these documents are safely assessable from your IOS device. Instead of remembering countless hard copies, all you need to remember to pack is your device.

Try MyLitBag’s 7 Day Free Trial Now

If you still aren’t convinced, download the app from the Apple app store and start your seven-day free trial. After 7 days, you can choose from our silver, gold, or platinum email packages. For more information visit the MyLitBag website, or contact one of our professionals today.

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