The Key Benefits of MyLitBag

MyLitBag, short for My Litigation Bag, is an IOS-based tablet app designed by and for litigators. It is a software solution that allows attorneys to create custom binders for each case virtually. It provides the same attributes and functionalities as creating and using a physical binder at a fraction of the cost. Thus, allowing attorneys to practice at the highest level, with the least amount of friction.

Below are some of the key benefits you and your law firm will get out of choosing MyLitBag for all your litigation needs.

Save Money and Time with MyLitBag

MyLitBag creates hard copy binders, digital binders, and layout separate pages for all your cases. Not only will it instantly auto-number each document, but it can also easily be rearranged in any order without the risk of re-numbering documents or having to check the tabbing as you would when creating

Hard Copy Binders are Expensive

Having to copy one legal binder can cost hundreds of dollars for your firm. Furthermore, having to rearrange one binder can tack on costs up to a thousand dollars when you account for the fees associated with rearranging and checking each tab. MyLitBag saves you money and time and allows you to copy and rearrange instantaneously.

Sending Hard Copy Binders is Expensive

Legal binders, especially for a lengthy case, can easily weigh five pounds. Mailing these cumbersome binders can rack up a large cost to send them. Not only do they cost a fortune to send, but they take at least a day which can be an issue during a high-profile case that is time-sensitive.

MyLitBag allows law firms to send and share full binders electronically at a fraction of the cost. 

Increases security

MyLitBag allows you to password protect your case materials as well as set up restrictions as to how many people can access the information. You can set different passwords for each legal binder and document. In our increasingly digital world, it is important to be aware of who has access to your confidential information.

Litigators and attorneys are able to store all legal documents on their desired account (iCloud, Dropbox, or Goggle Drive). However, it is not a requirement to store anything online or with a central server.

Virtual and Paperless Office

Lawfirms having to work remotely never got easier with the MyLitBag app. Attorneys know you can do and bring so much to each client meeting. Having to lug around multiple litigation binders can be strenuous. With MyLitBag you have all documents ar the palm of your hand. It allows for marking up documents, highlighting, and moving from document to document with ease. 

With MyLitBag, transferring to a virtual office is much easier and secure. Rather than having sensitive documents loose in your home or hotel room, they are all password protected on your IOS device. When having to travel to a client that involves traveling by train or airplane, instead of having to remember countless documents, all you have to remember is your IOS device.

Is MyLitBag Right for You?

If you are not completely convinced that switching over to this app is right for your firm try our 7-day free trial today. We know how useful this tool is and how it can save your firm money and time in the long run. We know the ins and outs of the legal realm and how a virtual solution is the future for lawyers.

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