The Best Software for Litigators

What is a Litigator

A litigator is a lawyer that specializes in all things litigation. Generally, litigation involves disputes between two or more parties and often deals with businesses and corporations. Litigators examine the evidence, document trail, as well as maintain exceptionally detailed records that are provided in their case in court. They focus on pre-trial work, settlement, trial representation, and appeal (if necessary).

Litigators need to be detail-oriented, organized, thorough, and well-versed in current legal cases. It is a long and complex process where technology and specific software for litigators can make or break their performance.

This is a list of the best software for litigators to help make their life a lot easier.

Google Calendar

This may seem obvious, however, the Google Calendar is a litigator’s best friend. Litigators are constantly juggling multiple cases, deadlines, and appointments at any given time. It is essential to know where you need to be when, or whom you need to meet with next. Having each case broken out into specific calendars allows the litigator to see their entire schedule at once.


Secondly, another software that may seem second nature but can be extremely useful for organization is Excel. Litigators need to be organized and detailed. Excel allows litigators to categorize information into different lists, from witness lists to exhibits, dates, and expenses that need to be paid. There are many add-ons for Excel including a trial outline template, calendars, as well as calendars by case (lists). However, the main reason this software is necessary is the fact that it’s an absolute necessity for attorneys to stay organized on a case-to-case basis.


The days of meeting in person, as well as face-to-face interactions, are slowly becoming a normal thing following the pandemic. However, some companies are still choosing to be remote. This being said, Zoom is one of the most important video conferencing software for litigators. For any remote work, Zoom is essential to manage meetings with clients or other parties that can not be done in person.


Finally, an important software for litigators to have on hand is MyLitBag. This IOS iPad-based application allows litigators to easily store, share, annotate, and send documents and entire binders on one device. This app replaces physical documents and legal binders with secure virtual copies. Other amazing features that MyLitBag offers users are:

  • Build and organize virtual legal binders
  • Create document storage binders and import documents
  • Create a virtual binder simply by typing and tapping
  • Customize your default annotation preferences
  • Email virtual binders with ease
  • Choose from 4 file formats

Start Implementing the Best Software for Litigators

If you are ready to take your firm, as well as organization to the next level implement these software options into your workday. Keep yourself organized and on top of meetings and tasks with Excel and Google Calendar. Take your meetings virtual with Zoom, and choose to have your documents and legal binders all in one place. Don’t lug around cumbersome binders or ruffle through papers at a case meeting. All you need to remember is your Ipad and to download the MyLitBag app today.

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