Securely Share Litigation Binders and Documents

With a variety of different companies across the US choosing the paperless route, there are some questions that are keeping people hesitant. Especially companies like law firms, how can we make sure these litigation binders and legal documents are kept safe and secure? Eliminating paper is one thing, but what about when it comes to sharing these legal binders and documents without running the risk of leaking information, or getting hacked? 

Continue reading about the easiest, most cost efficient and quickest way to share important documents and stay organized. 

Keep Your Litigation Binders Paperless

Virtual binders and documents are becoming more popular and environmentally friendly in the law firm world. Companies like, MyLitBag, have made this possible by creating an app where thousands of documents and entire litigation binders can be accessed on an iPad or smartphone. This would eliminate rummaging through countless documents and lugging around heavy litigation binders from client to client. 

Instead of bookshelves and filing cabinets scouring your office, having your documents at the palm of your hand will make your job a lot more convenient and organized. This, however, comes with hesitation. For centuries lawyers have used these paper documents and physical binders. They take them to each client and use scanners or postal services when sending documents. Fortunately, this new technology provides the same attributes and functions but in a more cost effective and user friendly way. 

Here is a list of the main reasons to choose the paperless option.

1. Cost effective 

Copying only one entire litigation binder can cost you hundreds of dollars, and when having to rearrange these physical binders it can cost thousands. When switching to virtual, this allows you to copy and rearrange your litigation binders instantaneously. Sending these documents via mail can cost a fortune, because one binder alone can easily weigh up to five pounds. There are always chances of missed deliveries and your documents getting into the wrong hands. 

2. Traveling with Litigation Binders and Documents

Like we said above, these litigation binders can each weigh up to five pounds. Attorneys have to lug these binders and documents around from one client meeting to the next in a litigation bag or car. Not only can this be strenuous and time consuming, but certain papers and documents can be easily forgotten or lost. With a virtual binder, you only have one piece of technology to remember, and thousands and thousands of documents are at the touch of a button. 

3. The Paperless Office

Almost two years ago we all were hit by this global pandemic. So many lost their jobs and were forced to pack up their offices and work from their homes. For some, the transition was easy. For lawyers and attorneys with all of their paperwork, the transition was not the easiest. Having to work from homes and hotel rooms does not give you the luxury of traveling with your filing cabinets. Thankfully, virtual binders allow you to keep walls full of documents on your laptop or IOS device. These types of virtual binders keep it user friendly and allow you to access them at whatever office space you may be in.  

How Can I Share My Paperless Binders? 

Switching over to a virtual litigation binder, and making your documents paperless, allows you to send and share everything via email. When utilizing the MyLitBag app there are four formats that allow you to share these documents. 

  • LIT COPY format sends a MyLitBag Binder with full functionality to other MyLitBag users only.
  • PDF COPY format converts a binder, including annotations, to a single large PDF.
  • COMMENTS COPY format, sends only pages with annotations. This is useful when communicating with colleagues over email with limited size availability.
  • COMMENTS ONLY sends only the typed annotations (noting the tab and page number for each annotation),

Like we spoke about before, utilizing a company like MyLitBag saves you so much money and time. It allows you to stay organized as well as user friendly.

Is It Safe to Share Paperless Litigation Binders?

One of the main, and most important, concerns when switching to paperless and sharing your litigation binders is security. When mailing these documents the old fashion way, after you have sent it out, the safety is no longer in your hands. There is always an option to have insurance on your packages and mail, but once it is lost, it can end up in the wrong hands. These are confidential documents that can cost you your job if misplaced.

By trusting your documents and binders to a company like MyLitBag, they guarantee safety and security. They understand how important it is to keep these documents safe and confidential. Your documents are stored on your iPad or device with top-end security, rather than in a litigation bag or boxes. When using MyLitBag, they require additional passwords to access the app. 

The more secure you want to keep your legal documents, the more options you are given to do so. There are additional security options like creating an automatic pin code to access materials. Not only do you have to know the passwords, the pin is a back up form of security. You can set individual passwords to each binder as well. When storing your legal documents you also have the option of the desired account you prefer. You can choose to use iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive to safely store your documents, but it is not required.

Will Your Company Go Virtual?

Making the jump and choosing to turn your litigation binders and documents virtual may seem alarming. Questions of security and functionality are the first red flags that may pop into your head. Luckily, with companies like MyLitBag out there, they make the transition easy and painless. It can save your firm money and time with increased security. Gone are the days of endless filing cabinets filled with paper after paper. Keep your documents organized in the palm of your hand.

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  1. Going paperless is such a nice idea. When backed up securely, virtual files are a lot safer and are not prone to damages as compared to physical files.

  2. This is my first time learning about such. Indeed a great way to lessen paper and documents. It is more efficient and secured. Technology is really innovative.

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