How MyLitBag Can Help Law Students

As a law student, you will have to read thousands of pages of cases throughout your time in school. You’ll also need to know the finer details of everything from administrative law and international law to criminal justice policy and constitutional litigation. There will be nights where you find yourself up till all hours of the night writing papers and studying case files.

All this can be overwhelming for any student, especially in their first year. Having all of this new information and trying to keep yourself organized can seem impossible. However, there is a digital tool that attorneys use which can help law students keep their work in order.

Continue reading to learn about what this tool is and how it can help you during the duration of your law school experience.

Preparing Law Students Like Attorneys

Attorneys have begun implementing technology to keep their documents and legal binders organized and secure. This is done by using the MyLitBag IOS application for storing important legal documents. MyLitBag, short for my litigation bag, literally makes your legal binders and documents virtual.

As a law student, you are responsible for sifting and digesting document after document. There will be an abundant amount of paperwork that you will need to keep for future assignments or for studying purposes. This is where MyLitBag comes into play. Instead of trying to organize the hard copies, it takes only a few minutes to scan the documents into your app and work directly from your iPad.

Some of the most useful features that MyLitBag has to offer for law students are:

  • Easily organize documents and binders
  • Quickly send and share documents electronically to other students or professors
  • Annotate, highlight, markup, flag, or rearrange existing documents and binders with ease on your device

Preparing For Trials

Prepare like a trial attorney with MyLitBag and keep all legal documents and files in the palm of your hand. Attorneys can use the MyLitBag application to organize their case files and keep all of the documents corresponding to each case’s evidence in order.

With the MyLitBag app, you are able to compile your reading in a single binder for ease of reference. During your law student experience, you will be recreating countless mock trials. Ditch the briefcase and having to sift through paper after paper. Instead, all you need is your Ipad.

With a swipe of a finger, you are able to take notes or highlight the documents and files. Quickly jot down important information directly on your device. Cross-reference your reading and easily switch texts or respond to questions. MyLitBag has made attorneys, and now law students’ lives this much easier.

Make Everything Virtual

Finally, the most appealing part of this application is that now everything is virtual. Everything you once did on paper can now be done directly on your device. No more carrying binders full of documents, or having to run back home to grab that file you forgot. Keep everything organized and stored with password protection on your MyLitBag app.

This digital tool can help law students stay organized during their time in school, as well as prepare for mock trials. For more information on MyLitBag’s services or how to download the app, visit the MyLitBag website and start your 7-day free trial today.

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