What is a Litigation Binder App

Whether you are an attorney, litigator, or any type of legal profession, legal binders are a must to keep all legal documents organized. For litigators, we love binders and it is crucial to the success of our line of work. Trial binders are carefully curated to contain the most significant documents for arguments and examination.

However, with these physical binders, there are issues that litigators run into. Continue reading to learn why having countless legal documents and cumbersome binders can give you trouble. As well as, how the MyLitBag app has come up with the perfect solution to this issue.

Litigation binders contain every legal document and important information for trials and cases. This being said, the bigger the case the more binders and legal documents needed. Legal binders can weigh several pounds when dealing with a lengthy case. And you will have many of these binders to carry around.

With physical binders, there is no way to compress all of the documents into a smaller amount. Too many documents and the binder becomes unwieldy. Too few and it doesn’t have what you need when you need it.

There are also many different types of legal binders you may need for a case, thus adding to your workload. An example of these binders are:

  • Correspondence binders to keep track of your letter-writing campaigns or discovery agreements
  • Witness prep binders to prepare your witnesses
  • Topic binders collecting the significant documents for different issues
  • Deal binders with all the draft agreements in a deal

Not only are you responsible for collecting each document and filing them in the correct binder, as well as bringing each one to a case. However, these legal binders are constantly changing. When working a legal case, documents are constantly highlighted, annotated, and flagged for quick reference. These binders evolve as the case and issues progress. They are changing on a regular basis and keeping all the binders up to date is time-intensive and prone to error.

It is hard enough to make sure you have the right binders at the right time. Furthermore, having to keep these binders organized when they are forever changing can be tedious, and setting yourself up for failure.

How Can a Litigation Binder App Help?

This is why a litigation binder app is a perfect solution for all of these speed bumps. The MyLitBag litigation binder app allows people in the legal profession to create virtual binders that work just like a physical binder, but better. This IOS-based iPad app gives you the convenience of having every binder you’ve ever created in the palm of your hand. Some of the features available with this app are:

  • Switch between documents by flipping to numbered “tabs”
  • Turn to “flagged” pages with a touch of a finger
  • Incorporate automatic cross-references on the page of a document
  • Annotate, highlight, and flag
  • Reorganize or replace documents in a binder at will
  • Distribute virtual binders electronically, safely and quickly
  • Carry all of your binders with you on your iPad easily and securely
  • Have all of your binders in your home office without taking up space or risking confidential information

Download the MyLitBag Litigation Binder App

If you are ready to turn your legal binders and documents into virtual ones, try the MyLitBag app free for 7 days. This app was created to increase productivity, facilitate alternative work arrangements, reduce your carbon footprint, and save time, effort, and cost. Visit the MyLitBag website for more information.

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