The Legal Document Review Process

The document review process is the most labor-intensive, as well as expensive stage of the litigation process. During the legal document review process, each legal document and case binder is reviewed and analyzed. Thus, determining which documents need to be withheld from production to the opposing counsel.

The document review process consists of each party sifting through document after document, deeming items that are too sensitive or privileged to be presented in court. This process is not only important for examining which internal documents are relevant, but also for attorneys to meet their legal obligations when the opposing party requests relevant documents for litigation. To meet these requirements, attorneys must read through every ounce of information collected, as well as online files or emails. 

The disorganization of not only hard copy documents but online files has become a real problem. Companies like MyLitBag, have created legal tools to organize, store, and review every document within a case in one device. You can flag, annotate, make notes, and add text to existing documents which makes the document review process more efficient and timely. 

MyLitBag also makes working remotely possible for law firms. Review every document from where ever you need. 

How Do You Perform a Document Review

Review for Relevance

During this part of the review process, attorneys go through each document and legal binder to choose which pieces are relevant to the case. MyLitBag allows you to flag and take notes on each page to quickly refer to relevant documents. 

Review for Privilege

During the document review process, attorneys are excluding any information that they don’t want presented at court. Either party can declare privilege to any individual document that they want withheld from the other. Flag or mark the documents you wish to exclude easily with the MyLitBag app. 

Review for Confidentiality

Reviewing each document and determining which data is confident is vital to any case. Part of this review process is to also redact private or sensitive data.

Who Reviews Documents

An attorney oversees the document review process, however, litigation support professionals, as well as paralegals, can also manage this process. MyLitBag allows attorneys to make notes and mark important documents and email entire case files between each member of the team and the opposing party. This takes less time than having to carry or fax every document you have to share with other members of the case at hand.

Withheld Documents

  • Relevance
  • Responsiveness
  • Privilege
  • Confidentiality

Organize Your Firm with MyLitBag

The MyLitBag app is an IOS-based tablet application that allows law firms and lawyers to access their legal documents for each case on one device. Each case is password protected and gives the user the capability to:

  • Organize/ reorganize existing documents
  • Flag significant pages with virtual “sticky notes” 
  • Identify passages for future reference using searchable Nota Bene (“N.B.”) notations 
  • Annotate, highlight, markup
  • And more

Whether you are a lawyer who needs to be more proficient on the road, or a law student who wants to get a head start on organization, try the MyLitBag app free for 7 days today!

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