How to Organize Legal Binders and Documents?

A properly organized 3-ring binder is crucial for many businesses, but even more so for a legal office. Lawyers use these types of legal binders to organize different cases they are working on. These binders are a crucial part of your appearance as an attorney, paralegal or law student. 

Disorganization, papers being misfiled or scouring desk tops can create the image that your firm is unattractive, unqualified, and sloppy. This is not how anyone in this realm of work wants to appear. Especially because of the seriousness surrounding this industry. Someone’s freedom or life can be on the line. 

There are many tools on the market to help organize legal binders, but are they the best solution? The experts at MyLitBag have gathered their thoughts and experience on the different products available to provide you with the answers. 

Binders Inc.

This is an online company that sells a wide variety of binders, but with no real innovations or special features. They have different colors and are able to customize the colors or design. However, this doesn’t solve the real problems with legal binders. 

In the end, they are still just messy binders. Over time the rings stop close properly and the outer part begins to fall apart. Papers get snagged on the rings, and overall it is not the best solution. 


This is a similar online company that offers a variety of legal binders for all purposes. They aren’t customizable, but mostly black and bulky looking. The real problem is that binders by nature are just bulky and cumbersome. 

Additionally, once you buy these expensive binders, how do you keep them safe and secure? Legal documents can be sensitive and need to be stored somewhere protected. 

Many legal professionals choose to store these legal binders for long periods of time in case there is a malpractice claim. Over the years, these documents really pile up. Some law offices have storage rooms that are full of old files. 

Staples, Office Max, Big Box Retailers

Even the big box retailers have many of these supplies. They have all the same binders and supplies that many of these other businesses provide. Therein lies the problem within this industry, and there is very little difference between these businesses and their products. 

Legal Store

Legal Store is another online business that specializes in legal filings, bags, supplies, stationary, and furniture. It’s a diverse e-commerce business that has a ton of products. However, so many of these products would become obsolete with an electronic solution. 

The MyLitBag App Difference

MyLitBag is an IOS app. The name is short for “My Litigation Bag”. This is an IOS based tablet app designed by and for litigators that builds virtual binders aimed at replacing the hefty, clunky, and expensive legal binders that lawyers use. 

It provides the same attributes and functionalities as creating and using a physical binder at a fraction of the cost, allowing attorneys to practice at the highest level, with the least amount of friction and no learning curve.

Our app allows legal professionals to boost productivity, assist the progress of alternative work arrangements, eco friendly and reduce carbon footprint. This saves you time, effort, and cost. 

Imagine having everything you need on a tablet. This app allows you to have everything together in a lightweight, simple, and modern look. Our app makes everything else obsolete. It is also secure and password protected. 
Check out the different packages on our website or in the app store today!

10 thoughts on “How to Organize Legal Binders and Documents?”

  1. These are excellent ideas. Even in today’s age, you can’t fully get away from having to keep paper documents.

  2. The easiest way to organize documents is by creating folders and sections. With Bundledocs you can create as many sections, sub-section or even volumes as needed.

  3. We still need to file some documents even if most businesses are done online. With mylitbag app, you dont need for bulky physical documents. Such a big help to increase productivity and efficiency.

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