MyLitBag is a mobile App for your iPad (other platforms coming) that allows attorneys to handle, review, and access digital PDF documents just as they do “hard copy” documents, without having to print them. 

MyLitBag allows you to store the equivalent of thousands of hard copy binders on your iPad and to distribute them electronically. Whether you work remotely, bring materials to meetings, send them to clients or colleagues, or adopt the paperless office, MyLitBag matches the usability of paper with the efficiency of digital documents. 


  • Increases security by requiring password protection to access materials.
  • Saves money and time by automatically renumbering binder tabs when documents are added, deleted, or reorganized.
  • Allows for instantaneous, and virtually free, binder duplication and electronic distribution.

The cost of even a top-end iPad is easily made up for by the cost-savings recognized by avoiding printing, organizing, checking and shipping even one three-inch binder – much less the thousands you can use it for. 

Yes, here is how MyLitBag is secure:

  • Documents are stored on your iPad with the device’s top-end security, rather than in a bag or box.
  • Requires additional password to access the app.
  • Allows for additional security with automatic pin code requirement to access materials.
  • Binders can be individually password protected
  • All materials are stored within your tablet or desired account (iCloud, Dropbox or Goggle Drive). You are not required to store anything online or with a central server.

MyLitBag allows you to distribute your binders using email. The first eight binders sent are complementary. Subsequently, a monthly email package can be purchased. 

Binders can be distributed in four formats:

  • LIT COPY format sends a MyLitBag Binder with full functionality to other MyLitBag users only.
  • PDF COPY format converts a binder, including annotations, to a single large PDF.
  • COMMENTS COPY format, sends only pages with annotations. This is useful when communicating with colleagues over email with limited size availability.
  • COMMENTS ONLY sends only the typed annotations (noting the tab and page number for each annotation) 

Use it in every way you use binders.

A. Organize your documents for personal use and presentations. 

  1. Create correspondence binders, litigation binders, contract binders, etc. and access each document immediately by touching numbered tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Identify pages for immediate access with virtual flags
  3. Create internal cross-references using searchable Nota Bene (“N.B.”) annotations and “See” references.

B. Create presentation or client binders and distribute them to additional iPads for meetings.

  1. Binders can be distributed by email
  2. You can password protect binders in order to keep binders for multiple clients on a single iPad securely
  3. You can send updated binders on the fly or shortly before meetings
  4. Use the “Guided Access” function on your iPads to prevent unauthorized access or distribution on or from iPads you hand out at meetings.

Purchase the MyLitBag App from the Apple App store, add PDF documents to it from your iPad or email account, and then use it as you would a three-ring binder. MyLitBag comes with a detailed users guide, but its interface is digitally intuitive and easy to use.

What do I do if my firm does not allow unapproved applications?

Contact us, we provide customized and enterprise solutions for law firms and their clients.

What do I need to buy to use MyLitBag?

You just need an iPad and the MyLitBag App. 

Add PDF documents to virtual binders and organize them using numbered tabs;

“Flag” significant pages with virtual “sticky notes” that appear on the right margin for one-touch access;

Identify passages for future reference using searchable Nota Bene (“N.B.”) notations; and

Cross-reference to other passages in a binder with an active “See” link.

Available at the Apple App Store or Contact Us For Enterprise Solutions