Top 10 Document Review Skills for Litigators

Document review is an essential element of litigation and perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of the evidence process. Employment in the reviewing sector has become increasingly widespread and demanding as the profession has expanded.

Document reviewers have particular abilities in analyzing complicated information and making decisions on significance, exclusivity, accessibility, and privacy. Regardless of whether the review committee is performing a first-level, a second-level, or a later assessment, the skills necessary may differ. 

However, there are a few fundamental abilities required for document analysis. Below, is a list of the top 10 document review skills for litigators needed to excel in this expanding business.

Legal knowledge 

Recognizing the litigation process, such as the elements of a lawsuit and the discovery process, is important.

Topic knowledge

In order to make informed recommendations about document creation, document reviewers must grasp the intricacies of the topic or task. Additionally, to master the applicable legislation, the reviewer should be well-versed in complex components of the work or case. This involves a knowledge of terms and phrases, and an awareness of how data fits into the larger legal plan.

Knowledge of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

A reviewer must have knowledge of the software, and understand how to handle document collection, storage, editing, evaluation, and delivery. They should also understand how their occupations fit within the EDRM system.

Practical abilities

Reviewers must become proficient in a variety of document reviews, advanced software packages, and task management/service monitoring KPIs. They must also be adaptable to technology, as the digital review field is always changing.


A reviewer should be meticulous and have a strong level of attention to detail in order to examine a vast amount of data and records. An average reviewer may go at several papers per day and thousands of pages over the lifecycle of the project.

Project management abilities 

Document reviewers may be in charge of groups of reviewers or key initiatives. They must be capable of leading groups as well as managing major material volumes, access logs, and other initiatives.


Document reviewers work with providers, customers, and other officials of the legal team on a regular basis. Strong verbal communication skills are essential as well as effective listening.

Linguistic proficiency 

The reading comprehension and evaluation of complicated court documents in different languages are required. You’ll most likely receive multinational documents and materials that require interpretation from other languages.


Certain document reviewers maintain customer engagement. They must be able to successfully communicate with clients and colleagues, lawyers, suppliers, and others. A business mentality is typically as valuable as technical knowledge as well as industry understanding.

Quality control 

Reviewers must understand and follow quality control processes that monitor, detect, and remedy errors and concerns. They should also grasp the analytics and metrics associated with the document review process. All of which in order to monitor and forecast the precision and agility of reviewers’ efforts.

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