The Best Conferences for Lawyers in 2022 

There are a variety of conferences for lawyers in 2022, and below is a list of some of the best of them. However, why are these conferences important? The legal profession continues to evolve with social constructs and aspects of law forever changing. Thus, giving legal professionals numerous opportunities to continue their education in law, beyond their understanding of its application.

Attending a legal conference provides information as you propel your career and law firm forward. Choose the best legal conference for your professional needs. Investing your time and resources in conference attendance is an investment in your career.

Furthermore, continuing legal education is essential for staying competitive, but also requires CLE credits. You can work toward satisfying CLE requirements while learning and updating your skills by attending legal CLE conferences that give these credits.

Here we discuss the best conferences for lawyers in 2022. Examining the details of the top conferences determines their value to each lawyer regarding attendance.

Virtual Conference April 5-6

Legal Up is a 2-day virtual conference not only for attorneys but other legal professionals who want to level up their legal careers. Earn more than 5 hours of CLE and join thousands of other legal professionals at this annual event.

The American Bar Association

The American Bar Association legal conference is an annual event hosted by the ABA. It brings together legal professionals from across the country to discuss topics in law practice including legal research, intellectual property, ethics rules, and more. Furthermore, this conference offers access to a number of CLE programs as well.

The ABA Spring 2022 Conference on April 25-29 is now an online event. The pledge of the ABA continues to “strive toward our purpose: to provide members with accessible, relevant and cutting-edge information, practice tips, and skill-building opportunities.” The theme of the 2022 Spring Conference focuses on new directions, a growth mindset, as well as rejuvenation in the practice of law.

Additionally, the ABA website events page brings topics and speakers, online events, and in-person opportunities. Network with peers by choosing and attending an ABA legal conference.

American Immigration Lawyers Association 

The AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law in New York City takes place on June 15-18. The conference covers new developments in the law as pertinent to immigration legislation. The conference features in-person seminars, as well as webcasting for remote attendance. Learn the latest on immigration policies and practices.

NALA Conference and Expo

The NALA Conference and Expo is the leading paralegal conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This three-day education conference highlights leading legal experts offering over thirty sessions. Earn CLE while networking with peers.

The National Solo and Small Law Firm Conference

The NSSLF Conference “The Summit” November 3-4, Orlando, Florida, is a two-day coaching experience. Legal professionals will not only gain knowledge but make connections through participation. This legal conference provides continuing education through discussions, workshops, as well as the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers.

Prepare to Attend the Best Conferences for Lawyers in 2022

The legal industry is changing and will continue to change in the future. Lawyers can not only prepare for these change but stay up to date with new practices in law by attending these conferences. There are many different conferences for lawyers to choose from. The best law conferences in 2022 offer diverse topics and speakers. An example of the diverse changes happening in the legal world are firms going digital.

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  1. This is such a great resource for any lawyer. Conferences are a great way to both hone your skills and network with other people in your field.

  2. I’ve noticed that conferences are getting cancelled with great frequency lately. Even though the COVID precautions are behind us, people are not attending in- person conferenced like they once did. It’s good to know that these are still around.

  3. Rose Ann Sales

    This sounds like a really amazing and great conference for Lawyers. I’m gonna share this to my friend who had a Lawyer brother.

  4. I think for any business it is great to go to conferences. Just because you are working in the field doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to conferences. There are always things to learn from others who are in the same field as you.

  5. My son is dating an attorney who says the conferences are a nice break of scenery. There seem to be a lot of them@

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