Turn Your Case Catalogs Digital

From corporate lawyers to criminal attorneys, anyone in the legal profession knows the endless amount of legal documents for one single case. Business litigators have to collect company records and corporate communications. Personal injury lawyers have to gather and manage medical records, as well as damages documentation. Employment litigators are responsible for obtaining the client’s personnel file, disciplinary documents, and more alike. 

The volume of data and documents can seem overwhelming to keep track of and store correctly and safely. Cataloging and tagging case document after case document is not only time-consuming but expensive. The solution: turn your case catalogs digital. Case files and legal documents are the frameworks of the entire trial. From evidence and depositions to presenting elements of each case, case catalogs are a vital part of each case. 

No more hard copy records

Organization skills are an important trait when entering the legal profession. However, it can be difficult keeping track of thousands and thousands of hard copy records, especially for more extensive cases. For the longe cases, these can rack up hundreds of thousands of documents filed into litigation binders or case catalogs that are not only cumbersome but easily forgotten. 

Creat, store, and send thousands of hard copy binders electronically with the MyLitBag app. Not only does going digital help with organization and storing documents, but it also saves money and time when sending these documents. 

Increase Efficiency and Accessibility

Going through document after document while flipping back to find the needed information can be extremely time-consuming. Annotating is an important part of the process to link important documents with others, however, working with paper copies can be difficult. Rather than sifting through endless documents and binders use storage, like MyLitBag that allows for all of these services and more. 

With the MyLitBag app you can:

  • Annotation
  • Add text to documents 
  • Highlight
  • Erase
  • Add Flags for quick access
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Searchable Nota Bene (N.B.) notations
  • Cross-reference to other passages in a binder with an active “See” link.

Instead of rooms full of filing cabinets, keep it all stored on one device. 

More Secure Records

How secure can physical documents and binders be? Legal documents contain extremely sensitive information which can potentially cause a law firm a case if leaked. Furthermore, are each trail case file available for everyone in the firm? How can you ensure that this is being monitored at all times without spending more money?

Going digital allows for each litigation binder or case catalog to be password protected from one document to the next. Documents are stored in your iPad with the device’s security protection, as well as another password needed to enter into the litigation app. Moreover, you are able to add additional security with automatic pin code requirements to access any materials within the app. 

You are able to choose your desired account to backup all documents within your tablet (iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive).

Backup Disaster Recovery

Choosing to turn your documents and digital case files digital prevents potential loss given an accident like a natural disaster or fire. Are your hard copies safe from fires or floods? If files are lost, do you have a backup plan? Maybe your law firm isn’t ready to go comply digital, however, utilizing this app for a second form of backup ensures the safety of legal documents in the event of a disaster. 

Are You Ready to Turn Your Case Catalogs Digital?

If you are ready to save your firm time and money while staying organized, turn your case catalogs digital with MyLitBag. MyLitBag is a legal IOS-based app accessible on iPads that helps law firms, legal professionals, as well as law students, keep their legal documents organized and safe. Save yourself money and time by sending digital files and annotating each document straight on your device. Start your 7-day free trial today!

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