Why Become a Virtual Lawyer

As traditional brick-and-mortar legal offices begin to evolve, virtual lawyers and law firms are becoming increasingly popular. Between the pandemic and numbers increasing, becoming a virtual lawyer is becoming more common. Working remotely, or even hybrid comes with many perks. These include:

  • Not tethered to a traditional office space
  • Save time and lower overhead costs
  • Working more efficiently
  • Traveling between client offices, notaries, meetings, and court offices when needed

Many law firms are still hesitant when determining the efficiency and accessibility of a virtual office. This is because there are huge case files and legal binders that have to be taken from location to location. Staying accountable and keeping track of these documents is vital because of the sensitive information within them. However, MyLitBag has made this possible.

Go Virtual with MyLitBag

MyLitBag is an IOS-based iPad legal app that makes working virtually effortless. MyLitBag creates virtual binders that replace the heavy and cumbersome physical copies. Some of the functions available within the app include:

  • Create and save thousands of legal binders and documents within one device
  • Password protection for every case file
  • Flag, annotate, add N.B. for quick access to specific materials, and write directly in the document
  • Email complete binders effortlessly 

This legal app has completely changed the way firms are viewing the idea of a virtual lawyer. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits of turning virtual.

The Benefits of a Virtual Lawyer


As a lawyer, you are constantly going from meeting to meeting then back to the office, and then to the courthouse. Mobility and being able to work virtually are vital especially when working on a big case. There also may be times that you have to completely pack up and travel to another state. Setting yourself up for success with a tool like MyLitBag, allows you to move from place to place with all the essential documentation at the palm of your hand. 


The flexibility of a virtual law firm allows for the option to work hours outside of the traditional nine-to-five. Thus, allowing for the flexibility to work where and whenever needed. Working from different locations and at different times benefit lawyers with families and children, as well as other commitments within their personal and professional schedule. 

Reduced Overhead 

Choosing to go virtual and use tools like MyLitBag helps eliminate the need to spend money on large office spaces, office equipment, and upkeep. For example, rather than having expensive printers and fax machines, MyLitBag saves and sends documents and case files by cloud-based software and email. This allows your law firm to save money upfront, and in the long run.

Environmental Friendliness

Going virtual helps reduce your firm’s carbon footprint in many ways. No need for daily commute to the office, thus cutting emissions from driving. MyLitBag significantly reduces the need for paper and making copy after copy to share documents. 

More Versatile Client Communication

Especially in the days of the shutdown after the pandemic, zoom and virtual meetings became the new norm. However, virtual meetings help keep your services accessible for clients who might not have the access to meet in person. Take your meeting on the go or from the comfort of your own home with a virtual office. 

Download MyLitBag for Your Virtual Law Firm

If you have been curious about transitioning into a virtual lawyer, or bringing the virtual aspect option to your firm, try your 7-day free trial with MyLitBag. No move having to lug documents and binders from meeting to meeting or spending hundreds of hours and dollars to fax entire case files. MyLitBag keeps your legal documents secure, organized, and in one place. Contact us today!

9 thoughts on “Why Become a Virtual Lawyer”

  1. I worked in a law office for a short period of time, and the sheer amount of paper used really shocked me, so the environmental factor is definitely a big plus when being online! I’m seeing a lot more jobs go online in the next few years.

  2. I’ve never heard of a virtual lawyer before yet it’s not surprising because everything nowadays can be found online. Thank you so much for this reference, I might need this soon!

  3. Virtual Lawyer is on rising these days. I read it in one of my client’s posts too. Your offer for this virtual lawyer looks good. I wish it were applicable in India too.

  4. Dominique Parrish

    I never even knew this was a thing, this is a great article. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. This is the future I envision of lawyering! No more travels to office buildings to locate just one person and having loads of paperwork when it can all be digitised! I support this.

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