About MyLitBag

LFW Enterprises, Inc.

Established in 2018, LFW Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Maria Laguardia and Karen Wangen to create applications and products for legal and educational professionals that would increase productivity, facilitate alternative work arrangements, reduce your carbon footprint, and save time, effort and cost. We practice a culture of inclusivity, diversity and equal opportunity, and partner with industry experts to acquire profession-specific nuances in order to customize products to best serve the end-user. 

MyLitBag App

Our first product, MyLitBag (short for “My Litigation Bag”) is an IOS based tablet app designed by and for litigators that creates virtual binders aimed at replacing the heavy, cumbersome and costly document binders that lawyers use. It provides the same attributes and functionalities as creating and using a physical binder at a fraction of the cost, allowing attorneys to practice at the highest level, with the least amount of friction and no learning curve.

Cost Effective

No more carrying or creating heavy document binders, photocopying them, assembling or shipping them. MyLitBag allows users to replace and share their libraries of document binders with virtual binders and case files.  A physical 3” binder can hold 600 pages and cost hundreds of dollars to compile, copy, or send to a colleague or client. A litigation bag can hold 4 binders, and a case file up to 10 binders. 


Using MyLitBag, your iPad can hold the equivalent of thousands of binders, with password protected security, and you can lift it with two fingers. 

Enterprise Solutions​

Contact us, we provide customized and enterprise solutions for law firms and their clients.