6 Ways Technology Can Increase Organization and Productivity

With more jobs becoming remote and traveling from one office space to another, technology can help keep you organized. As well as, ready to work wherever you are. When working from home, it is easy for your office space to get cluttered and disorganized. A clean workspace helps with productivity and staying focused. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity in the business sector began to consistently decrease since 2007. Coincidentally, this is the year the iPhone was invented. 

Instead of viewing this technology as a distraction, implement it in the workplace. Technology, like desktops and laptops, have been used for years to make a simple task easier in the work environment. Why not use our phones to help make life and work a little easier and more productive. 

There are thousands of companies that are utilizing technology to make work more efficient and keep their company organized. At MyLitBag, we have created an IOS based app for litigators to create virtual binders. Thus, keeping their documents in one place. Lawyers have to lug around heavy document binders and spend an extensive amount of money, and time, to send these binders when needed. This technology not only is cost efficient, but keeps them organized. Allowing for easy travel with these binders in the palm of your hand.  

Below is a list of ten ways technology can help you stay organized and productive in your workplace.

1. Minimalize Your Documents

Like we touched on above, when working from home, in the office or anywhere you have your computer set up, clutter can make it hard to focus. When papers and folders are placed anywhere, it is easy to misplace or lose important documents. Just like we have created at MyLitBag, keeping litigation binders in a password safe device is easy and efficient. It also gives you the opportunity to scan, store, and send your files and documents through your IOS device.

Even if you’re not a lawyer, there are other companies who have created similar applications for other professions to easily keep their paperwork organized and protected.    

2. Declutter Your Filing Cabinets

Just like in the first topic we discussed, decluttering your filing cabinets and transferring physical documents to virtual will help with organization. If you are working in an office space, it is easier to have filing cabinets scouring a room. On the other hand, when working remotely you may not have that luxury. Using apps to keep your documents virtual allows you to access any document with a push of a button.

3. Utilizing the Cloud or Drive

When making the decision to transfer all documents and files into virtual form, you need to find the best and easiest place to store and access these files. There are several cloud based applications, such as Dropbox, Office Drop or Google Drive, that keep your files safe and secure and in one place.  This allows you to create, save and send all documents needed. As well as accessing them from any device, including desktop, laptops, phone and tablets.  

4. Use Your Calendar App

This may seem like a no brainer, but countless people forget, or choose to overlook the built in calendar app of their IOS device. Keeping tasks and meeting in an organized format and in one platform will help in the long run. Train yourself to place things immediately in your calendar app instead of writing it down to do for later. This resulting in missed meetings or quotas.

These types of calendar apps give you the option to set reminders and recurring due dates if needed. Stay on top of payments and hold yourself accountable for all upcoming events.  

5. Market Yourself with Technology

Using Technology to market has completely changed the game of advertising your business and brand. Instead of relying solely on word of mouth, like we once did in the past, there are platforms created to market yourself or business online. With platforms at your disposure to help create compelling websites and online advertisements, marketing has become easy and effective. 

The use of social media platforms for marketing has skyrocketed sales for many companies over the past several years. Companies are taking advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites to share what they do, while advertising and getting their name out there. Taking full advantage of this type of technology will help your business grow and reach multiple target markets. 

6. Virtual Meetings

Within the past two years, due to the pandemic, many companies have had to become completely virtual. This has been a huge learning curve for businesses who were not as tech savvy in the past. One app that was most utilized and highly effective during this transition is Zoom. Zoom allows businesses to conduct meetings, interviews and any other person to person interaction from the comfort of their own home and space through video conferencing. 

Universities and schools across the world use apps like Zoom or Google Meet to hold classes. This has been a vital piece of technology that allowed for our lives to carry on in a somewhat normal way during this global crisis. 

Are You Ready to Utilize This Technology?

There are countless apps out there that were created specifically for business purposes. Some feel weary due to a lack of education on technology, and how to correctly utilize it. However, there are great learning tutorials on how to properly use these tools to help promote and keep your company proficient. 

If you are a law firm looking for the best way to keep yourself and your firm organized, consider switching over to a virtual platform. If you have any questions as to how to get started, contact us directly.

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